Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lauren Conrads hairstyles

Lauren wears lots of cute, simple and elegant hairstyles, does'ent her hair always look amazing?! Well this will hopefully help you achieve a little of the same thing. These hair styles can be worn pretty much anywhere, for school (middle school, highschool or college) work and partys. The hairstyles are so quick and easy to do!

The basics:
If you have very curly hair, youre gonna have to flatiron your hair before doing your hair:/

Don't use a brush on your hair when it's wet, that will damage it, use a wide tooth come instead, you can get one at the drugstore

Dont ever use heat on tour hair without a heat protectant, it does'ent matter if your blow drying, curling or flattening. Think about putting a curling iron on your hand for 5 seconds... Ouch right! Thats kinda the same thing that happens to your
hair. When you buy a heat protectant make sure you get one that can do flattening, curling and blowdrying or one of each. When you use heat whitout a protectant, it'll be damaged for at least a month.

Make sure to use a nice smelling shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair soft and shiny.
put a little bit of leave in conditioner in your hair, to make it extra soft and easy to work with. Make sure not to get it in your roots, that will just make it oily. You can do this when your hair is still wet or when it's dry (My favorites is Fekkai and the body shop leave in conditioner, if you don't have any, a good trick is to mix water with conditioner and put it in a little container of some kind, it's easier and better if you buy one though)

(When hair is dry)If you have'nt already, part your hair in the middle and brush it. When it's tangle free, take a big barrel curling iron or a flattening iron that you can curl with (I prefer a very big barrel curling iron) and wait for it to heat up Part your hair into sections (clip the top half of your hair up) Take little sections of hair and spray it with a curling iron heat protectant, and roll the curling iron up,
dont roll it all the way up to your roots, since Lauren has straight hair at the top. Lets say your hair is 4/4 You need to curl 3/4 of it.
If you have any, apply a tiny bit of glossing serum to make your hair extra shiny.

If you wanna add a little bit to this hair style, take two small sections of hair, pin them back and spray with hairspray
like in the picture below.Gather your hair and put it in a high ponytail, smoothing out the bumps carefully while moving your hair up your crown.
Do this by flipping your hair upside down and gathering all your hair in one spot.
Wrap your elastic twice around your hair, then pull your ponytail half-way through the elastic.
Pull some pieces out from inside the half-ponytail so it's hanging down.

You may also want to leave out wisps around the nape of your neck.
Mist with a little bit of hair spray

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  1. I simply adore Lauren thanks for the hair tips =)