Monday, May 17, 2010

Cartoon tag!

Yay, I've seen a couple of people do this before but i totally forgot about it. Then the other day, this girl made a post doing this, so yeah... It's basically just telling your favorite cartoons as a kid =)Power-puff girls!
I remember this being my favorite show in the world, for a long time! And with the characters: Bubbles, Blossom and buttercup fighting against evilness, this show rocked! I think my favorite character was Bubbles because she was so incredibly cute, even though she cried all the time lol. But mostly because blue was my favorite color at the time, and we all know how much colors affect us as children, or is it just me who picked favorite characters by colors?
Ha ha, I remember this song:
When i watch cartoons with my 3 year old cousins, i can't help think of how the old shows was so much better than the new ones! But maybe thats just because i saw it differently as a kid =)

Talespin was about some of the characters from the movie: The junglebook, going on big adventures all the time. It was about Baloo the bear, who was a pilot and he's family and friends, I loved this show for some time!
The Magic school bus:
Haha this show was so obviously tricking little kids into learning, but i liked it anyway=)

I tag everyone who wanna do it, but I specifically tag...
Shannon M


  1. YAY u did this too!!I totally forgot about The Magic School bus!I love this show. I would watch it almost evryday in school. check out my blog

    xoxo, kim

  2. haha =) omg I'm so sorry i forgot to put your link in the blog, I'll do it now =)